Detailed Information

Basic Online Course on Blended Course Design and Strategies using Moodle

 Offered by: University of Botswana

 Category: Training & Education

 Course Type: Short Course

 Duration: 3 Weeks

 Price: BWP 6000


Course Overview

Blended Course Design using Moodle is a basic online course on blended learning design approach and use of Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to teach the needed theoretical knowledge and practical skills online.

The aim of this course is to train Instructional Designers, Moodle Administrators, Course Manager, Course facilitators, Lecturers, Teachers and instructors interested in using online technologies to deliver effective training to their students by creating and delivering their courses using Moodle

Course Outcomes

After attending the course, the participant teachers are expected to be able to:

  • Design a blended learning course using basic Instructional Design Principles;
  • Explore different functionalities of the Moodle LMS
  • Create courses in Moodle (preferably using institutional Moodle installation or another accessible Moodle server
  • Effectively apply mobile learning fundamentals in the development of the courses
  • Use Video Conferencing tools effectively for training purposes, where needed
  • Create multiple media (text, PowerPoint, Photos, Videos, Graphical elements, etc.) and add it to the created Moodle course
  • Integrate open educational resources with the Moodle course
  • Create learning activities and assessments
  • Grade students performance online