Detailed Information

Advance Course on Blended eLearning Course Design and Strategies

 Offered by: University of Botswana

 Category: Training

 Course Type: Short Course

 Duration: 12 Weeks

 Price: 23000.00


Course Overview

This Online Course on Blended Course Design using Moodle is advance course on blended learning approach and use of Learning Management System, such as Moodle designed to train educator, who wishes to incorporate the latest ICT technology available in your courses. The course also address ways in which practical skills can be formatively assessed online.

In-depth theory covering specific methods and techniques, assisted by many photographs, diagrams, sketches and videos on the WHAT, WHY and HOW of a specific skill, can result in less training consumables being used, and will enable a learner who does not have ready access to specific equipment, to become familiar with it.

This course will enable you to examine theories through observation, reflection and analysis of your own teaching and learning, and you will then apply these skills in creating a course

Course Outcomes

The aim of this course is to equip you, as a modern lecturer, Facilitator, Teacher and Instructor who apply the principles and methods of blended learning in the lecture room, with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • Design a blended course to teach theory, skills and that will change student attitudes towards learning.
  • Effectively use Moodle to assist you in using a blended teaching model to teach both theoretical content as well as practical skills
  • Create effective formative assessments that lead to knowledge retention
  • Effectively manage courses and learners by using a learning content management system, such as Moodle
  • Build an e-portfolio in Moodle
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in order to create your own blended courses